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Bio One Part Time Tech


Job Description


Roles and Responsibilities (THIS IS A PART TIME POSITION) with flexible hours. Remediate biohazard scenes (including but not limited to suicide, homicide, unattended death, decomposition, mold, hoarding, urine/feces, odors), maintain inventory in trucks and on scene, communication with customers both in-person and via phone, keep organized schedule for lead tech, general administration support, maintain lists of valuable items for customers, photograph/document scenes with before and after pictures, utilize proper protective equipment and judgment on all jobs. Requirements High School Diploma No criminal record. Valid driver’s license, reliable mode of transportation with car insurance and clean driving record, Smart Phone, The capability of (infrequent) on-call work for late hours, weekends, and holidays. Bio-One is a 24/7/365 operation. Preferred Skills Quick response when offered jobs, timely and reliable, ability to work in hot, humid conditions for extended hours; able to work in confined spaces like attics and crawl spaces; able to lift household items/furniture; strong stomach, capable of operating around pungent odors, blood, feces, bodily fluids, insects (to include maggots, flies, spiders, bed bugs, etc.); strong work ethic, extraordinary attention to detail and ability to stay on task without distraction or supervision. Backgrounds in construction, military, police, and emergency response a plus, but we can teach you everything you need to know if you have a great work ethic.



Please send your resume to mgr@bioonemesa.com