Cannabis odors can lower the value of your home, what is the solution?

Cannabis odors can lower the value of your home, what is the solution?


SEP 01, 2017 by PAUL MARVEL  


Today the use of cannabis has grown over the last five year and now there are over twenty-nine states that have approved either the medicinal or recreational use of cannabis. However, if you are looking to sell your home and there is a tobacco/cannabis odor in the environment that could lower the value of your home by 25%-29% as noted in That is a big drop in value. Matter of fact the top three odors that a home should not have if you are looking to sell your home is  pet odors, protein and other food odors such as fish, curry, onions, garlic and tobacco/cannabis odors. When sticky tobacco residues accumulate, the resulting of film on interior building surfaces continually release malodors. Heavy smoking over a long period of time causes stubborn and severe smoke odors.  



Our sense of smell can determine a lot of things for us. Some potential home buyers can walk thru a home and walk right out within minutes and never return, while others will still look, but those scents linger and make an impact on the brain and how we perceive that particular home. 

Of course, we can’t always please everyone all of the time, but if you can avoid these odors that can certainly help. The most important smell you can leave buyers with is the smell of “clean.” Keep your home sparkling clean, free of dirt and dust and you will be rewarded. 

Bio One Of Mesa provides a proven system that provides the removal of tobacco/cannabis odors. They are using the latest technology and provide certain steps in removing these pungent odors which will increase the value of your home. For additional information and a free quote call 480-462-2475 or email us at