Bio-One Gives Back To Our Community in 2020

BIO-ONE Gives Back To Our Community in 2020

Every year we look for ways to give back to our community and help those in need. Bio-One lives by the moto, "Help First, Business Second" every chance we get. 2020 has proven to be especially trying for all of us, so giving back to our community has been needed now more than ever. Bio-One who primarily helps people after the tragedy of suicide, homicide, hoarding, undiscovered deaths and infectious disease decontamination, what could we do? What we decided, is that we would provide our heroes & many first responders and essential businesses as possible with chemicals approved by the EPA for COVID-19 decontamination. So from March-December 2020 we handed out over 20,000 bottles of chemicals to police, fire, EMS, apartments, animal rescues, victim advocates, family advocacy centers and so many more. We saw a need and answered it as best we could. 


On Veterans Day Bio-One we acknowledged the service and sacrifice that has made America possible, to recommit to ensuring that veterans receive the support they have earned, and to help build a nation worthy of what has been given in order to keep it safe.


Another thing we did this year was provide over 300 pies to our Police Officers. These men and women have not stopped working during the pandemic. They come into homes after a homicide, suicide, rape, domestic violence, house fire and anything in between. As a community, we need to all step up to help one another. So we wanted to show how much we appreciate them. Thank you for all the sacrifices you make every day so that our lives are better. This year has been extremely rough and so many are in very bad places. If you are able to help, even if just to donate some of your time, there are many organizations who can use the help. Bio-One of Mesa is committed to help whenever we can.